About Storiella

Storiella is the place to find out more information on helping children to read in English. It is UK focused, using British books and the UK book bands and reading age, but many of the topics are relevant everywhere

This is especially true for phonics which is talked about a lot here. Phonics replaces (partly or wholly depending on your viewpoint) the old system of "sight words". There are different opinions about this, but whatever you think it's certainly true that using at least some phonics is helpful.

Storiella was founded by two former teachers, who, as parents themselves, were keen to understand how best to help their children learn to read.

Over time the idea is to cover everything about learning to read, including book bands, phonics and how to help children read. Meanwhile, anyone can write articles! Simply sign up, login and write an article. Once it is ready "Finalize" it. It will then be reviewed by an Editor and approved after making any necessary changes.

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